30 Before 30: Second Installment of the Dirty Thirty Bucket List

Well, it has been a few months since my first installment and I can now cross one more goal off of my list!

5. Get a new tattoo. 

I now boast a couple of tiger lilies with my favorite quote on my rib cage and a skeleton key on my inner bicep. (Notice the quote and blog title…)


Quote by Amelia Earhart


Look closely and you’ll notice the key bit is a puzzle piece. This is a reminder of my students with Autism.

I am very excited about my recent additions. It’s true what everyone says, tattoos are addicting!

That makes three that I have already achieved! Now, let’s continue with my list, shall we?

11. Make a change in my career. With speech-language pathologists, once you receive your license, that can be it. That’s not enough for me. Whether I switch paths or find a way to further my career within the realms of what I already do, I don’t care, but I will not be happy doing the same thing that I am now in five more years. I need growth.

12. Learn a new language. I would love to be fluent in something other than English. Most other countries learn at least one other language as they grow up; so, why don’t Americans? Narcissism. I took Spanish and French courses in middle and high school, sign language in college, but I am no where near fluent in any of these. Spanish would likely be the most practical language, but I am leaning towards German as it is the language of my ancestors.

13. Allow myself some pampering at least once a month. This starts now. I recently had a spa day with a friend (courtesy of my loving boyfriend) and realized that I really do need to treat myself more often. Thanks to my neck sprain, my massage therapist gently told me neck and upper back is a hot mess that needs some serious attention. Well, it’s time I give myself that attention.

14. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on a tropical beach. Fingers crossed that this will be happening next week! Ryan and I are going away for a much needed vacation. I’m sure the sunset will be no problem. Getting our asses out of bed for sunrise might be a different story…

15. Maintain a regular yoga practice. Part of my quarter life crisis was that my mind just does not stay quiet. I find yoga beneficial in SO many ways, but really need to establish a routine. PS- anyone know where to get great yoga leggings for cheap? I am not okay with spending $50+ for pants in which I am literally going to sweat my ass off.

16. Try an extreme sport. This might be one my sister will get in on. I’m not sure I have the balls to sky dive like she wants, but maybe paraglide or parasail? That could be fun…and maybe safe? Who am I kidding? I’m a chicken.

17. Be a mentor. I would love to help an under privileged youth realize her potential.

18. Visit the West Coast. I have never been past Chicago! With friends and relatives in California, it’s about time we made out way out there. While we’re there I would love to go to Oregon and Washington, too. Any suggestions?

19. Attend a music festival. In 2012, Ryan and I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago and it was an amazing experience. Maybe this time we could try Coachella, Bonnaroo, or SXSW.

My view of the crowd evacuating from Lolla due to the massive storm in 2012.

20. Have a baby. I suppose this isn’t something that HAS to be done before 30, but I would really like to start a a family before then. Only time will tell if this one works out!

Anyone else made a list or have similar dreams? Do share! Stay tuned for the rest of my list 🙂



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