Losing my virginity…

So, here I am. Doing it for the first time. Feeling naked and exposed. Baring my insecurities to the world. Losing my blogging virginity.


I’m being completely melodramatic, of course. But seriously, please be gentle with me as I present my whole, uncensored self to the “blogosphere” and begin this journey of sharing. As life moves on, I find myself missing my daily diary entries from middle school; it’s always so entertaining to go back and look at the drama that unfolded.

My intent for this space is to be about embracing life in its entirety: the happy, the sad, the mundane, the fears (a.k.a. my paper tigers), the wonder, the perplexing, etc. Your 20’s are a time for personal development and blossoming into adulthood. As I am in my mids, I am going to record this growth and see where it takes me.


– C



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