Get Fit, Get Sexy, Pole Dance!

Over the years I have tried countless ways to exercise, but, inevitably, I get bored and quit. I always manage to come up with some excuse- I can’t afford a gym membership, no one will go with me, it’s too cold out to run, etc. Really, if I’m completely honest with myself, I’m just gosh darn bored.

So back in September my friend Mel and I decided to buy a groupon for a Pole Fitness class at Lorraine-Michaels Dance Centre. After forgetting several times and putting it off for months, we finally sucked it up and went to our first class in late December.

Puppy pole dancing. Could it get any cuter?

Puppy pole dancing. Could it get any cuter?

Our instructor prefaced the session by saying she has never nor will ever be a stripper and has only performed in the studio. Then how good could she…. Holy crap she’s spinning upside down on the pole. Yup, thoroughly impressed.

She asks us to begin walking around the pole. You have to understand how awkward I am. I don’t have a sexy bone in my body. I am a tall, gangly white chick who moves like one. There is no sexiness when I shake my booty, only a fit of giggles because I’m uncomfortable. This class is a HUGE step outside my comfort zone.

Once we got to some more technical moves I had a fantastic time! I was so excited about my new moves and great workout that I told a whole bunch of friends and family. Who knew it would be such a huge deal?!



One of my sisters commented, “Well, I can’t say as I’m proud.” Someone else advised me not to share my new hobby.

WELL GUESS WHAT, WORLD!! POLE FITNESS IS AWESOME! Probably one of the best workouts I haveΒ ever gotten. Watching me walk up and down stairs at work after my first class was comical. And don’t get me started on trying to sit down on the toilet. Quads? Whats are those?

Pole Fitness has so many benefits!

Pole Fitness has so many benefits!

Each week I find new muscles that I never knew I had and can hold my body weight against gravity aΒ little bit longer. The BF swears I can’t possibly make progress only working out once a week, but there are definite lumps in my biceps where there used to be nada. Regardless, I’m having a fabulous time each week and look forward to my Wednesday nights with Mel.

Check out one of my favorite pole videos and go sign up for class at Lorraine-Michaels Dance Centre with Heather πŸ™‚

– C


2 thoughts on “Get Fit, Get Sexy, Pole Dance!

  1. I would love to do this, but definitely don’t have the guts. I’ve done a at-home workout video with a friend (actually my boss – ha) and it was awesome. But in front of other people? I seriously think I would fall on my face.

    SO FUN! Get it girl!

    • Totally check out a class! So fun and an incredible work out. I love that it’s all ladies of different shapes and sizes and everyone is always so supportive. Pole is a great community- I encourage everyone to try!

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