Wanna be friends?

imageThis question is so appropriate for my kids at work, but all kinds of creepy when it comes to adulthood. Making friends is a whole new ballgame is an adult and it often feels just as intimidating as dating. Why do we have to “date for friends” as one of my coworker buddies put it?

I’ve never had much difficulty making friends in school, but now that I am done with grad school and those friends have moved away along their own paths to successful careers and love lives, I am left wondering how to make friends. Of course there is the work place- my coworker buddy I previously mentioned is pretty awesome (and also blogs! Check her out at readrunrepeat.wordpress.com) and it’s nice to have a friend who is at a similar place in life. The ladies in my department are pretty fabulous, but they are all married and most have several children. It’s hard to have a girls’ night when everyone needs to get babysitters. In fact, I had dinner with these wonderful women last week and it took over two months to plan!

So where else can you make friends? And how do you turn a great acquaintance into a real friend? I find that there’s plenty of women I know, but very few I would call up to say, “Hey, want to go shopping?”

Here are some of my ideas to develop friendships and cultivate those I already have:

  • Celebrate happy hour at least once a month with coworkers. Lord knows I can use a drink after many of my days.
  • Reach out more to the other girls in my weekly dance class.
  • Hang out without the significant others once in awhile.
  • Possibly do the dreaded and join a gym. Gah!!
  • Join the local kickball league for spring- sports and beer always bring people together.

What are some of the ways that you’ve made new friends in your post-college life?

– C


2 thoughts on “Wanna be friends?

  1. This is so true. I felt like my friend count went down by 80% after college simply because you are not around all of these people 24/7. I want more friends – wah :(. Blogging has quickly become a way for me to have new virtual friends. Drinking helps too hahaha:)

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