The Last Man

Ever have a song pull at your soul? Make you feel blissfully happy and heartbroken at the same time? Laying on the bedroom floor in my brand new (to me) house listening to this song is my happy place. I don’t really think about anything, just feel it. You can’t listen to this piece with your eyes closed and tell me you don’t feel anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some B. Spears and even a little bit of coun-tray. ((Side note: super excited for the Darius Rucker concert this Friday with my S.O.)) Anyway… although I have absolutely no musical background or knowledge related to musical movements or anything of the sort, I do appreciate a beautiful composition. Especially one heavy on strings. My appreciation may have something to do with many years of ballet classes, I’m not sure.

I saw the movie The Fountain when it was in theaters and I swear you had to be tripping on something to understand it- maybe I need another look to follow. I don’t remember anything about a “last man” in the storyline, but I do remember feeling haunted by the music. I can almost see a man, lost and feeling defeated, looking for his purpose. He’s unsure of where his path is going to take him and moves forward tentatively, observing the destruction of everything he loved. Each turn shows him something else he held dear that is now gone. He searches for happiness as he moves on alone.

A tad depressing, but such a beautiful song. And given that I remember nothing from the movie, I have no idea what Clint Mansell’s intentions were when composing this. All I can say is, thanks, Clint, for making such lovely art and wooing my ears this afternoon (and many times before). I’m sure I will be listening again soon.

– C


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