Pole Fitness vs. Exotic Pole Dancing. A Biased Opinion.

In light of last week’s open house at Lorraine Michaels Dance Centre, I felt the need to express my opinion on the two pole dancing classes offered at the studio. Keep in mind that I am highly biased because I take Heather’s class and it is the perfect fit for me. I stress for me because everyone is looking for something different in a class.

I have never taken the Thursday night classes offered by another instructor and was looking forward to the open house so I could see how hers differed. They were scheduled to perform and I was very curious! I sat down at the front of the dimly lit room with no expectations.

Dressed in black clothing, the women took their respective places by the four  poles and two chairs set up. I was surprised to notice the instructor standing by a chair in the performance area occupied by a man (not many men are typically seen around pole class). As the rock music played, I was transfixed and somewhat appalled. It took a serious effort to keep my mouth from gaping open in surprise. The instructor was giving a legitimate lap dance to this man in the chair (who I am assuming was her husband?) and the whole room had transformed into a strip club, luckily no removal of clothing was happening. A painful 8 minutes of discomfort was about all I could handle when watching this performance. I could feel the awkwardness in the air coming off of the other viewers who had just come from watching a beautiful waltz performance in the other studio. That sealed it, the other class was definitely not for me.

I would like to thank my instructor, Heather, for making the women in her class feel empowered, sexy, and strong without teaching us to grope ourselves or slide our hands provocatively up and down the pole. I feel like I am taking an aerial art class, not How to Be a Stripper 101. Had I gone to this other class the first time, I would have left before it was over and never returned. Instead, I found a great new hobby that works out all of my muscles and makes me feel more confident.


That’s me doing my “I’m tired” version of a flag. Do you have any experiences with pole dancing? I would love to hear them!

– C


5 thoughts on “Pole Fitness vs. Exotic Pole Dancing. A Biased Opinion.

  1. I used to take the Thursday class offered by V and generally loved it. Yes they are very different, but I don’t know that I have the upper body strength for Heather’s class. The one I took though? Great on the legs, balance, and something new for me to conquer mentally – I’m not “sexy” so that aspect was a challenge. Bonus? It was where I met Heather!

  2. This is very touching. Thank you so much for all your hard work and support. Let me just say, so that I’m not perpetuating negativity towards anyone, I don’t think her approach to pole dancing is “wrong.” I do, however, think that the strengths of her students, which are many, could have been better displayed. The gentleman, who is not her husband, did not need to be used. She could have just used the chair itself. Although the material/apparatus we use is clearly associated with strip clubs we still have a community of dancers here at LMDC we need to consider, encourage and keep up to date with what the market for pole fitness really is. I am overjoyed that you have had such an experience in my classes. I am thoroughly grateful that you share my vision and help me create an environment of empowerment. Thank you.

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