21 Things I Absolutely Love

Happy Monday! To follow up on my post from Friday, 21 Things I Absolutely Can’t Stand, I want to go the happy route and spend some time gushing about things I love. Just an FYI, any products I happen to mention are not paying me in any way (I wish!).

  1. My man. I have to start with this one. He’s just such a blessing in my life. With him I have learned what mature love is like and can be my 100% authentic self.293252_10151163667367223_1183993985_n
  2. My family. I have such wonderful parents and sisters. Sure, we had our fights and rough times, but we have always supported one another. My parents are two of the most amazing examples of lasting love and exceptional parenting. I look up to them more and more as time goes on.
  3. Reading. As a child I had such a passion for reading that my parents had to hide my books from me so I would eat dinner and do my homework. Luckily they also fostered my habit by providing me with frequent trips to the library. Nowadays, I am really into mysteries, thrillers, some historical fiction, and fantasy. Game of Thrones is about as fantasy as it gets for me, though.
  4. Game of Thrones. I have read all of the books and am dying for season 4 to begin next week. It’s about to get serious.
  5. Red Wine. Pretty much every kind of red wine, ever. I prefer a dry, bold red, but will take just about anything.
  6. Pole Fitness. Yup, I’ve been promoting this pretty hardcore lately. I can’t get enough!
  7. Wen. Especially the sweet almond mint scent. Makes my hair feel amazing! So soft and shiny! Try some Wen for yourself.

  8. Scented candles. I’m not a brand snob; if it smells great, I’m in!
  9. Throw pillows. I have entirely too many. It’s so much cheaper to have neutral furniture and jazz it up with new pillows when I feel like a change.
  10. Harry Potter. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. After reading the first four books in one week, I pre-ordered each following book and begged my dad not to hide them from me. The movies were done quite well, too.
  11. My iPhone. This is my first smart phone and I’m probably a little too attached to it.
  12. Fou’ Foune. From Brasserie Cantillon, a true whale. This apricot lambic is extremely difficult to come upon and I have been lucky enough to experience a few bottles in the past three years. One was a gift from Ryan’s friend for my graduation from graduate school. What a gift!

    Ryan enjoying a Fou' Foune.

    Ryan enjoying a Fou’ Foune.

  13. Watermelon Sour Patch Kids. Just don’t eat too many at once or the sugar burns your tongue. Clearly I discovered this through experience.
  14. Binge watching TV shows. Finding a new series and watching all 156 episodes in a few weeks is something everyone should do at least once.
  15. Chocolate. I’m a woman. That’s my excuse.
  16. My Mini Cooper S. Go turbo or go home.
  17. Heated Seats. Really the best invention ever and a necessity in upstate NY. I don’t know how I lived without them. Now if only I could afford a car with a heated steering wheel…
  18. Shoes. I know, typical female. I wish I could wear heels to work, but that would be dangerous when chasing around my little peanuts. I also have an obsession with shoes I can’t afford, such as Brian Atwood and Christian Louboutin.
  19. Massages. Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing rub down?
  20. Cooking and baking. This is a huge stress reliever for me. If I have had a rough day, I want to prepare a meal while sipping on a glass of wine and listening to music. I don’t want to be talked to while I do this.
  21. Myself. I have had to learn to love myself, but I think it is hugely important for all women to do. I am flawed and weak at times. I am stubborn and sometimes a little selfish. I am reactive and can be unorganized. Despite all of these things, I also have some pretty great qualities that I have been more willing to focus on in my twenties. My mom always said, “You cannot love another until you truly love yourself.” The truth of this has become more blatantly obvious the more I have grown and has contributed immensely to where I am in life today.


Have a great week, everyone! Focus on the positive 🙂

– C



9 thoughts on “21 Things I Absolutely Love

  1. Number 21 is the most important! You are unique, you are important, and you are NEEDED in this world! Thank you for being such an inspiration today!
    Love and happiness to you! -Sarah

  2. LOVE this – you are a truly beautiful person, inside and out (and your man is pretty hot!) 😉 thanks for sharing and for the tip on sour watermelon lollies. Haha

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