Oh Oreo, Oreo! Wherefore art thou, Oreo?

In my belly, that’s where! Yup, I just housed six Oreos and feel no shame. But where did this sudden craving come from? And why does society tell me it’s not okay to do this?

I was at the local grocery store yesterday and was cutting through the snack/cookie aisle to get to the registers- this is never a good idea. Why don’t I ever remember I should go down the organic aisle or produce or something until I’m already staring at the glorious, blue packages of Oreos? They’re a guilty pleasure of mine that I find extremely difficult to resist if my mind so much as hints that I should have some. Yes, I have been told and am well aware that they’re processed garbage that I should not allow to enter my body.

I relented and gave in to my sudden salivation tossing a pack of double stuffed into my cart. They looked strangely out of place next to my granola, fat free yogurt, and pile of veggies. Yet, they were all I could think about as I cashed out, drove home, and put away my other purchases. As soon as everything was in its proper place, I tore into the package of Double Stuf Oreos like it was my freaking job. You would think I hadn’t eaten all week to see me inhale those cookies.

Dip in milk, bite, repeat. Oh, the deliciousness!

So, where do these sudden, intense cravings come from? Apparently there’s a crazy mix of biological, chemical, and brain action that leads to cravings and affects more women than men (surprise, surprise). Considering I am not PMSing, I’m not sure of the reason for the immediacy of this particular craving, but I am okay with it existing. There is no reason to feel guilty for indulging in an inexplicable need for a certain food once in awhile. Sure, I wish I craved things like broccoli; however, what’s the fun in life without giving into your primal need for pleasure every now and again? It just so happened that the pleasure I desired involved my taste buds.

I plan to finish this whole package by myself. It may take me a week. It may take me two months. But I won’t allow myself to feel one drop of embarrassment or guilt for enjoying every last delectable bite.


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