My 21st Kiss- A Love Story

To understand the back-story for this one, you should check out my guest blog. I was delighted when a very talented fellow blogger, Daile, asked me to do a guest post for her while she is away and was excited to write a post about dating. Since I’m not on the market any more, I don’t have any current dating quips, but the way I met Ryan is pretty unique. Check out my post, 28 First Kisses, to see where this one begins.


It was a Tuesday night in June, 2011 and I had had a particularly stressful day. I was questioning my pathway in life and seriously contemplating quitting grad school to move to a patisserie in France and get fat on croissants. I’m not kidding- that was actually my plan.  So after class that went until 10:25pm (what jerk scheduled that?!), a few of my classmates and I decided to hit up one of the local bars for dollar beer night.

It was not unusual for us to wear crummy clothes to class and go to dollar beers and commiserate about our classes . So with my ripped jeans and hoodie on, I was in no mood to be pursuing this first kiss contest of mine. That is, until I saw him. For the next hour or so, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was nicknamed sexy man by my friends and we had a grand old time talking about all of the dirty things we wanted to do to him.

Something about him made me terrified to initiate a conversation, so when my friend, E, and I got up to go to the bathroom, I told her to grab his butt. She refused my juvenile request and told me to do it myself since I wanted to talk to him so badly. Obviously, I chickened out. Moments later when we exited the ladies’ room, I could no longer spot him.

Damn, did he leave? I missed my chance with sexy man. I thought. But no, there he was- right in the spot I had just vacated to go to the restroom. Oh crap. No excuses, now. I HAVE to talk to him.

So I strolled on over and spit out the first words that came to mind.

“Excuse me, sir, you stole my seat.”

Whaaaaaatttt?!?! Could I have been any less smooth?? What a horrible introduction.

Luckily, he was a good sport. Sexy man slid over a couple of inches, patted the bench and said there was just enough room for me.


For the next couple of hours we talked non-stop (even though I thought his name was Brian for a time). He kept smiling at me and making my heart melt more. Eventually when he told me he wanted to kiss me, I decided to play coy and say, “I don’t kiss boys in bars.” HAH! What a crock. Sexy man ever so smoothly replied, “Then let’s go outside.” So we did.

After 20 tries, I found the best kiss yet. Three years later I still think so and just can’t get enough of him. Between the first kiss bet and possibly my worst pick-up line ever, we have a pretty unique story. Definitely one to tell the grandbabies 30 years from now!

How did you meet your S.O.?

– C


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