My Mother, My Role-Model

As Mother’s Day fast approaches and it has been another year where I see my mother less and less, I find myself reflecting on all of the wonderful things that encompass being a mother, especially my mother, and how much I miss her.

When I was a child, my mom was the most beautiful, yet terrifying, human being I knew. We were fortunate that she was able to stay home with us girls- all four of us within 5 years of each other. I’m sure she doesn’t think she was the perfect mother and remembers specific moments in raising us that she regrets, but I can’t say one bad thing about my childhood with her. She was playful and fun, but also laid down the law when need be. I grew up when spanking was completely acceptable and am confident that I am better for being whacked on the backside a few times. I even look back at getting my mouth washed out with soap as a learning experience. Today, I’m not sure what I said to earn such a punishment, but I can assure you I never said it again. I can still taste the Dial liquid hand soap as I type. Blech. But really, I was never punished to a severity that was abuse, only to put me in my place and remind me who was

As a teenager, of course I thought my mom was too strict. I wanted to stay out later, go out more frequently, basically just be free. I don’t think I really had the balls to do something truly badass, but my mom sure as hell didn’t let me find out. Thanks, mom. Now, I truly appreciate this.

I wish I had understood the value of her coming to every single dance competition, softball game, school event, etc. and showed her more appreciation. She worked insanely hard to remember each and every thing all of us didn’t like to eat and make meals that we all would enjoy. Her personal life and desires took a back seat to being a mom. I don’t think I ever saw her shop for herself until I was about 14. As I grow into adulthood and learn about my mom as a person and not just “mom,” I love and respect her even more.

I look up to the way she raised my sisters and me.

I look up to the way she always starts conversations with strangers.

I look up to the way she spent hours listening to trivial drama, but still was genuinely interested in my life.

I look up to the way she always finds a good deal.

I look up to the way she works hard at everything she tackles.

I look up to the way she is a great friend to all those in her life.

I look up to the way she can be assertive in any situation.

I look up to the way she is patient with everyone.

I look up to the way she demonstrates a selfless love in all her relationships.

I am beyond blessed to have such a wonderful role-model in my life. When I grow up, I want to be just like my mom.

Mom and Me

Mom and Me

– C


3 thoughts on “My Mother, My Role-Model

  1. I think you turned out great.
    Good job, Carolyn’s Mom!
    Seriously, you’re witty, caring, decent, cute, loving and insightful. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  2. I’m glad you turned out good despite being spanked- everyone’s not that lucky. That’s why I absolutely think spanking kids should be illegal. You never know how it will affect them emotionally, or how it will form them as adults. I was spanked, slapped, pushed and beaten as a kid and it hasn’t done me any good- rather the contrary, as I long suffered from trust issues and fear of getting hit. I have friends who were only spanked as kids, and it didn’t do them any good either. So spanking a kid is all too much of a risk-taking: it might not hurt them in the long run, but you can never be sure.

    I would never spank my own kid, even if it was legal here in Sweden (and I should probably point out that I know about cases where parents spank their kids, despite the law). It’s not legal to beat an adult when he or she is being disrespectful, so why should it be when it comes to kids? Kids are human beings too. The fact that they are smaller and less mature doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have equal rights. And anyway, I truly believe there are other ways to teach kids how to behave. Spanking sure works for some kids, but it’s all based on the “respect out of fear” thing, and is a kinda quick and easy way to deal with misbehavior. My wish is that spanking kids one day is illegal in every country around the world. And it should be included in the human rights of children! Some people would still give their kids a whacking (as is the case here in Sweden), but we would have a law to speak the children’s rights. I also think that spanking is a form of abuse, even if it doesn’t leave scars or bruises. I mean, there are different levels of abuse, right?

    With that being said, I’m glad you like your mother and have her as your role-model! It’s great when you can have that relationship with a parent. 🙂

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