Quarter Life Crisis?

For the past few months, I have been having urges to make big changes in my life. I almost got impulsive tattoos a few times, seriously contemplated career changes, and tried several new things. After realizing that this is a trend I have been on, I dubbed this my year to have a quarter life crisis.

It’s incredibly common to experience mid life crises and do something drastic like buy a sports car. Hell, my dad did it last year; he randomly went and bought himself a BMW Z4. While the new whip is a fun drive, it affirms the notion that this is not unusual. Hitting that period in your life when you’re an “empty nester,” have worked hard for many years, and are suddenly seeing how short your future may be sounds absolutely terrifying. No wonder we make big changes in our lives at that point! Buying a car certainly is healthier and safer than doing something like going on a drug and alcohol bender to deal with your fears.

Now, I am not mid-life nor forseeing a short future for myself, but I am certainly at a pivotal moment in my life. I am a young professional who is mourning the loss of my early twenties when acting crazy and irresponsible was not only allowed, but expected. Here I am, wishing I had taken advantage of that brief period of my life and done something crazy.

Maybe I should have moved to Paris, lived in a patisserie, and gotten fat like I wanted to three years ago.

Maybe I shouldn’t have listened to my dad when he said “no” and gotten my nose pierced anyway.

Really and truly, I am happy with where I ended up in my life. I certainly did some ridiculous things in my early twenties and managed to keep up with my studies. In fact, looking back, it’s pretty spectacular that I survived the college years at all with some of the dumb decisions I made. Yet, I pulled it together and somehow made it here. A few months shy of 25, in a wonderful relationship, a homeowner, and mother to three fur-babies.

So, why am I still experiencing this urge to do something major?? Sadly, I don’t have an answer and will continue self-reflection until I find some peace with myself. I’ve decided to start a sort of bucket list, 30 Things Before 30, if you will. And I already started!

Here’s #1: Ditch my lifeless brown locks and go for a bold color.



So now I’m a spicy redhead! Making changes feels good- maybe this quarter life crisis isn’t  such a bad thing…

– C


13 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis?

    • Thanks, Gillian! I was pretty nervous but decided to just jump in. I showed my hairdresser a picture from Pinterest and told her to have fun. I’m so happy with the results!

      • HA! That’s exactly what I did too! I now have secret boards for hair cuts and hair color at the suggestion of my hair guy 🙂 Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?

  1. I definitely understand the quarter-life crisis feeling–should I have travelled more, should I have done this or that…but in the end as long as I’m happy where I am, does it really matter?

    Also, your hair looks fantastic! Now I want to colour my hair….

  2. Haha oh gosh, you became a redhead! Careful, people will begin accusing you of stealing their souls…

    And! I know what you mean about that transition from “I’m allowed to be crazy” to “suddenly I’m supposed to be impressive.” I am right there with you on that… and I think I’ve used up all of my quarter-life-crisis credits. But maybe not….

    • I’m finally back on here- so sorry for the late reply! Luckily, I have gotten nothing but compliments on the new ‘do and Ryan has taken to calling me Lady Melisandre (Game of Thrones reference- we’re pretty obsessed with the show). It is exciting to be taking on this new “professional” chapter of life, but, at the same time, I desperately want to go back to having no worries and drinking my face off every weekend..

  3. Being a redhead suits you! And gosh, do I miss being a redhead myself… unfortunately I got the stupid idea (quarter life criss??) that I should bleach my hair, and so I did. I bleached it maybe six or seven times, at home, on my own, to get the “perfect bleach blond skank” look… and then my hair started to fall off. Yay. Balding! At 26! “What on EARTH have you done with your hair?!” said my colleague who is a former hairdresser, and said I must go to a professional now. So I did, and luckily it WILL grow out but my hairdresser has forbid me to bleach or color it again until all my natural hair has grown back. So now I’m stuck with this stupid bleach blond hair… with ash blond roots, and dry ends. And I wanna go back to being a redhead so much, but I just can’t for a while. I envy you! 😉

    30 things to do before 30 seems like a good thing. Perhaps, in the end, very few of the things we plan for actually happen. Or the dreams change. But it’s still a good thing to dream, right? And if some of those things come true… hurray! 🙂

    I think I had a quarter life crisis last year. My friend too. We started partying a lot, staying up late, act all careless with our money and skip school or training (we’re cheerleaders, so we’re expected to be present EVERY training for good sportswomanship). It was pretty intense, lol.

    • Ah! Good luck with the hair- glad you got a professional in to help you out. After I botched a dye job myself a few years ago, I don’t even bother.

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