30 Before 30: First Installment of the Dirty Thirty Bucket List

A couple of months ago I posted about my quarter life crisis and came up with the idea to make a list of 30 things I want to do or achieve before I reach 30 years old.

To start the list off with a bang, I decided to become a redhead.



So that was number 1- Go bold.

I hadn’t officially published any other goals then, but #2 on my imaginary list has since been achieved.  For now, let’s start off with 1 through 10.

  1. Ditch my lifeless brown locks and go for a bold color. See my quarter life crisis for a before and after photo.
  2. Get a promotion at work Title change to Speech Department Supervisor, but no raise. Oh, and I had to let someone go my second week as boss lady. Not as exciting as it sounds.
  3. Take a cooking class. You all know I love to cook and if you’ve read my recent posts you know I once dreamed of living in a patisserie in Paris and getting fat. I NEED to know how to make a croissant like the French.
  4. Go back to Europe. Speaking of croissants…So much culture. So much food.
  5. Get a new tattoo. I’ve had only one for 7 years and brainstormed ideas for many others, but just never seem to get it done. Time to be like Nike and Just Do It.
  6. Gamble in Vegas, baby! It just seems to be one of those places you have to visit before popping out any little munchkins.vegas-baby-vegas
  7. Marry the love of my life. We’ve been together three years and signed a 30 year mortgage together. Might as well get hitched, too!
  8. Swim with dolphins. Could be a honeymoon activity. Right, Ryan? *hint hint, nudge nudge*
  9. Decorate the office/den. It’s a pretty boring catch-all room right now. Doesn’t exactly give me loads of blogging inspiration.

    See? In serious need of some decorating!

    See? In serious need of some decorating!

  10. Have a stand at a craft fair. Fun fact: I make jewelry. I would love to sell my creations, but I usually end up keeping or giving away as gifts everything I make.
    Bracelets I made for all of the bridesmaids in my little sister's wedding.

    Bracelets I made for all of the bridesmaids in my little sister’s wedding.


Now that I’ve started the list I hope it helps motivate me to actually start checking things off! What’s on your bucket list?

– C




15 thoughts on “30 Before 30: First Installment of the Dirty Thirty Bucket List

  1. Ummm, first of all, you are GORGEOUS! The new hair color totally suits you!!! I quite enjoy being a red head as well.

    Second, I love the first part of your list! Especially your line about being together for three years, but signing a mortgage for 30, haha. More than that I really love that you used the proper actual number (under 10)/written number (over 10) distinction:). I feel like people forgot about this rule? Does no one do that anymore?

    I may make a list myself for inspiration! Loves it!

    • You’re too sweet! The red is super fun- I’m so glad I went for it. How long have you been red? I would love to see your list, especially since you enjoy making lists so much :).

      • I went red in…. January, I think. My only complaint is that it’s a bitch to keep up. I’ve had to color my hair 3 times since…Ugh.

        I actually have a follow-up from my 25 list going up tonight as soon as I find the right gifs for it. I’ve been working on the followup for a while, but started on my 30 list today after your post! I can only think of 22 though…

    • Was reading your interesting blog and came across your “bucket list” of things to do before Age 30.

      Love reading your blog. I had a list of “10 Before 30” too which share some of your wanting “to do” things. , Instead of getting a new tattoo, mine had getting my nose pierced, and getting married. Both were near the “top” of my list! Both were something I really wanted to do before 30 also. A funny thing happened and I got a “twofer” off my list!

      In my past, I’d always wanted a nose ring in college after seeing so girls with them who looked cool. I wondered in your post, “Quarter Life Crisis” if this was also on your “to do” list in college. ” I had the same experience with my dad too. It was deja vu when you said, “…maybe I shouldn’t have listened to my dad when he said “no” and gotten my nose pierced anyway.”

      Fast forward to recent times. I met Rick and every once in a while, I’d comment to him about getting my nose pierced. I’d point how cute it looked on women of all ages. He just agreed, and didn’t mention anything more about me having it done.

      Last March, I don’t even remember what I said, or how the subject came up, but Rick handed me a little box with a white leather pouch inside which said, ALLURINGBODY. I opened it… there inside was a gorgeous 2 mm platinum diamond nose stud! It was stunning to say the least with incredible sparkle. He said, “will you marry me!” I said YES! It was perfect for me as I rushed into the bathroom holding it up to my nose in front of mirror saying loudly…I love it…just love it!

      The following week, Rick went with me and I had my nose pierced with my engagement diamond. When I took it out of the pouch, she immediately commented on what a nice quality piece of jewelry it was saying I would really look great! Afterwards, I noticed a sparkle on my nose such that I could not stop gazing at! It was absolutely beautiful and I would not trade or change it for anything.

      Jill, my piercer was right. I got so many compliments on it. When my friends, coworkers or family asked, I pointed to my nose and told them it was my engagement diamond! Later Rick said, he knew I secretly wanted my nose pierced and was pretty sure it was time after two years to get married. Quite a “Twofer.”

      I’d say you might want to reconsider trading in a new tattoo for a nose stud on your “30 before 30 list.” If you do it now, then you can enjoy it for the next ten years and not wish you’d done it sooner.

      Looking back, I wished that I had done it at your age and enjoyed it earlier. very You have a really pretty face, very cute nose so it would really suit you well. You’ll look fabulous. Who “nose,” you might get a “twofer” also.


  2. Love the hair! Wish I could find a red that actually works for me.

    I too am tempted to find a craft fair to sell at. I keep having conflicts like house buying and travelling. Soon! I think there’s some in the fall.

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